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chapter 68

Rohan was genuinely happy for the first time since he had come to Mumbai. He had a broad smile plastered on his face as he drove the cab to the chawl.
Mansi was sitting next to him. She was smiling as well. They had not said anything after Rohan had offered to drive Mansi to her hometown.

He could see it in her expression that she was touched by his gesture. She had been through a lot in her life; now, it was time for her to leave all her worries to him. He wanted to take care of her. He wanted her to be happy.

He had been shocked to hear about the abuse and the rape. He could not believe that Mansi had murdered her step-father. It was difficult for him to imagine someone like Mansi committing murder.
However, once he believed that she had murdered her step-father in self-defence, he admired how brave she had been. That bastard got what he deserved.