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Story 174
In continuation of Story 173.

*adult content*

Sudden knocking on the door put a halt to her thoughts. She grabbed a bathrobe and put it on. She opened the door of her room to find the spot boy with an envelope for her. He made eye contact with her as he handed over the envelope, unlike other men who preferred looking at her bosom while talking to her. She took the envelope from him, thanked him and closed the door behind her. She opened the envelope and read it. It was what she had expected. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She looked at the clock; she did not have much time. She stepped out of the bathrobe and undergarments and stood under the shower allowing the warm water to relieve the stress in her shoulders. She dried herself and wrapping a towel around her she walked out of the bathroom. She picked up her worn clothes and stuffed them in her bag; she picked up a fresh dress from the wardrobe, this one was more revealing than the previous one, had a deeper neck cut, which showed her cleavage and the slit in the dress showed her thighs. She put on the make-up again. She practised a fake smile in the mirror before dialling an intercom number. She sat cross-legged on the couch and waited.