i care...

The feature ‘Whispered Words’ of the blog was discontinued a while ago for personal reasons. It was also an advice section on relationships apart from individual issues and regular sharing. I replied based on what I know of human nature, which also helped in understanding the dynamics of a relationship. 

This post is to announce that I am restarting the feature under the name ‘i care’

I do not have a degree to show, to prove that I will be able to help you but those who have contacted me have told me often that simply being there, listening to what they had to say made a lot of difference; especially to those who were depressed. 
Seeking professional help in cases of severe depression or if you are feeling suicidal is very important. It’s the willingness to fight depression that makes the difference. It’s the first step that matters.

In less severe cases where venting out helps you to relax or clear your head, if sharing with someone makes a difference to you, I am here to listen. People who know me, know that I am a very patient listener. I won’t say I understand what you are going through, but, believe me when I say that I know what your fight is against. My thoughts are with you.  

Often, there are matters that we are not comfortable sharing with the people we know for fear of being judged. Write to me about anything - no bias, no judgement. promise. Information shared is confidential. Just fill in the form to share …