• "When you write a story, don't just write it - live it. When putting words into the mouth of a protagonist (or any character) imagine yourself saying them and while writing about the reaction of the listener, write it the way you would react. Let the conversations not be meant merely to be read but felt as well. If you do not feel what you write, how can you expect the readers to feel it?”

  • "i do not write poetry, i take words and dip them in feelings"

These lines by Arti herself perfectly sum up Arti’s writing and all that it stands for. Her writing represents feelings more than thoughts, insight more than opinions. When you read her poems and stories, or talk to her about them, you realize that she has lived them, each word, each character as though they were a part of another world, a world that she could open for us through her work. 

Her blog 'You Me and Stories' is such sneak peek into this amazing realm of love and relationships. Her other blog 'musings of an insomniac' is dedicated to poems that deal with raw emotions; let it be about life, relationships, or serious subjects of Depression and Death. 
Arti is quite prolific and has authored several poems, short stories, blog posts and more. 

She is an avid reader, an active blogger, and a passionate photographer. Her unique way of depicting feeling and emotions, a simple yet skillful use of language and believable characters make her work uniquely different. As the author herself admits, she does take words and dip them in feelings! The result is often a sweet and savoury read that keeps the reader asking for more! 

Arti reviews books on her blog ‘Book Reviews’ and shares her passion of Photography on ‘Photography'

Arti says - "I believe, being good at writing a story is not about the story being unpredictable. It is about the way you narrate the predictable story and keep the reader interested..." 

 Born on 20th September 1977 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA.